the last piece of the pie

18″ x 14″ original watercolor framed to 25″ x 21″ with black mat and blonde oak frame

Awarded Best in Show at Chait Galleries Downtown • Benjamin’s Banquet Show

Last Piece of the Pie, was painted to the memory of my wife, Judith (1951-2013) and my mother, Jean (1922-2006). Both made the most wonderful lemon meringue pie. Growing up I would always request a lemon meringue pie as part of my birthday dinner. My mother was a home economics teacher who had mastered the art of meringue. When we were first married my wife made me a lemon meringue pie for my birthday. Although it was good the meringue did not measure up to mother’s. Judith took this as a challenge and mastered the art of meringue, too. The pie pictured in my watercolor is of a restaurant pie and not up to mother’s or my wife’s high standards. That is why it is the last piece of the pie.


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